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The Impact of the Pandemic on Cidade de Deus

On March 21, 2020, Cidade de Deus had its first case of coronavirus, being the first favela in Rio de Janeiro with the virus. In June, it was the favela with the highest rate of COVID-19 among the neighborhoods surveyed by IBGE, with 28% of the sample testing positive. In addition to severe illness and death, the pandemic has had great impacts on residents: loss of work and income, hunger and lack of medical care, difficulties in accessing online classes and conflicts between family members, among others. However, little data has captured these impacts in a systematic and quantitative way. Our research has relied on guidance from local service providers and residents to identify the major physical, mental, economic and social impacts of the pandemic in Cidade de Deus. We hope this data will help prevent the spread of coronavirus, identify the most urgent issues in need of attention, and provide data necessary for service providers to demand more funding from the state.


In October 2020, we held an online forum with representatives of 15 local NGOs, which has offered critical assistance to residents most affected by the pandemic. Forum participants, most of whom are also residents of Cidade de Deus, have directly seen the impact of the pandemic, especially on needy families, children and adolescents, the elderly, and people with chronic illnesses.

During the forum, participants discussed which difficulties were the most serious, and which information would be most important to capture. Forum participants will continue to offer advice on the other stages of the research project.


Forum with Service Providers


Collection of Stories

In the second stage, taking place in October and November 2020, we are capturing stories from local residents about how the pandemic has affected their lives. With the help of the Facebook page CDD Acontece, we have released a link where residents (over 18 years old) can share their stories anonymously.

Each participant can share whatever they want. We would like to know how the pandemic affected physical and mental health, economic situation, education, work, family relationships, the public and social environment or any other issue that was of great impact to residents. 


The themes emerging from these stories will be turned into questions in a quantitative questionnaire.


Survey Data Collection

In December 2020 and January 2021 we will be publishing a questionnaire with questions related to the most common and urgent topics raised in the residents' stories. The questions will focus on the various physical, economic and social impacts of the pandemic on the residents of Cidade de Deus.

The questionnaire will be reviewed by representatives of local NGOs and other residents to ensure that the questions and answer options capture the lived experience of the residents of the CDD.

The link to the questionnaire will be published on the Facebook page CDD Acontece. Participation will be completely anonymous.


Dissemination of Findings

After 2-3 months of data analysis carried out by our team, we will be posting the results of the survey on Facebook and in forums on Zoom. We will be inviting residents in the CDD and representatives of local NGOs who continue to help families affected by the pandemic.

We intend to disseminate the data to newspapers and academic forums in Rio de Janeiro.

By the end of 2021, we will release a report with research data. We will also be producing academic articles, co-authored by team members. and making presentations to universities and research centers in Brazil.

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